4 friends. 10 years. Countless good times.


A friendship for the ages is forged. Two become chefs. Two become business men.


One friend loves chicken so much he opens a restaurant in Carnegie and calls it Gami (Korean translation: ‘beautiful taste’).


Carnegie friend asks friend #2 to help him open a new Gami—but this time, in the city.


Friends #3 and #4 join the family. Their dream? To spread a shared love of Korean fried chicken far and wide.

A decade and 17 stores later, we’re still making friends.

The RSPCA ensures quality of life for all creatures, great and small and because we believe our chooks deserve the best quality of life we make sure all the chicken we serve is RSPCA-approved.

Beer and fried chicken = besties for life. We’ve partnered with Thunder Road for exclusive brews to go with Gami chicken.

One of our newest friends, Brolga is the genius behind every illustration on this website, as well our walls in our newest restaurants. A dead set legend.

gami-chicken-throw-01 gami-chicken-throw-02

Good chicken. Great beer. Just add friends.